IEEE ICDE 국제학술대회 기사

Goal: Academy of Global Engineers

  • Emphasis on solving ‘real’ problems with ‘future’ impact
  • Problem formulation from experience of software systems development
  • State-of-art technology updates from Silicon Valley
    Leverage SAP’s global R&D network through SAP Labs Korea
  • Value on Publishing ‘software systems’ to the real world
  • More difficult but rewarding than only publishing a paper
  • SAP Ph.D. research program to be available(contact Prof.Cha)
  • Financial support & access to research issues of SAP-internal project
  • Early test of the state-of-art HW provided by SAP partners such as Intel(e.g., 32-core Intel Nehalem EX servers)
  • For more:(

Research topic examples

  • Petabyte-scale main-memory database
    • Exploit hardware-level(multi-cores with shared L2 cache) and cloud-level parallelism for real-time processing
    • Data partitioning over column and row storage table types
    • Join query processing over a mixture of row and column storage tables
  • About SAP R&D Center Korea, See news release(2008, Kor) PDF (